Specialist - Powertrain Casting Engineering: TEMA-TN

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Title: Specialist - Powertrain Casting Engineering: TEMA-TN
Location: US-TN-Jackson-Jackson
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Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc (TEMA)
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc (TEMA) is the alignment of Toyota''s North American R&Dand manufacturing operations, joining the operations, planning and technical functions. Established in April 2006, TEMA
strengthens Toyota''s North American customer focus, through improved supplier cooperation, overall speed, flexibility andattention to quality. TEMA headquarters in Erlanger, KY, house the Toyota Operations Center and the Toyota Planning
Center. The main offices for the Toyota Technical Center are in Ann Arbor, MI.
This is a Toyota Production Engineering-Powertrain Casting position located at ourJackson, TNfacility.
This engineer sets equipment and die specs, follows ordered items through delivery, sets process parameters, leads adjustment and quality confirmation trials, and leads defect countermeasure activities. Responsibilities include:
Projects include pre-production preparation of Toyota casting products such as aluminum cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, and transmission cases.
Project scope can span 12-24 months and includes planning / budget development, equipment / die procurement, equipment installation, and casting trials leading to SOP.
Projects budgets typically range from $5 $25M.
This position may be required to lead a project group during the pre-production phase of a project. This includes scheduling meetings, reviewing material, gaining consensus.
Study TMC based processes and develop unique NA "Operation Drawings" that support NA processes.
Build and manage problem list ("Punchlist") that develop on a regular (daily) basis during the course of a project.
Learn and apply TBP (Toyota Business Practice) method of problem solving.
Develop business plans and strategies
The specialist will start out learning the Toyota casting methods and not have high complexity requirements. However, within 6 months to a year they will need to start leading projects on their own.
Impact Describe the scope and impact of position relative the position outcomes. Comment on the types of decisions to be made, the responsibilities for objective setting, amount of direction and follow-up. Comment on the position's impact relative scope (i.e. department, local, regional global), consequences and time frame (i.e. 2-6 months, 2-3 years)
This specialist will mainly make decisions for their projects, and not have strategic decisions or impact.
BS Engineering Degree Or Equivalent related Engineering exp.
Process Engineering Experience
Project Management and Budget Control for capital management
Overtime: 10 15 hours per week for a high week (50 55 total hours per week for a high week)
Travel - 10% to 50% (May have cross training work due to T/M & Organizational Needs at MO, ER or another location)
Bachelor''s degree in Mechancial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, or Electrical Engineering Technology
Casting or Metals related manufacturing engineering experience
Experience with Casting operations equipment installation/new model activity is preferred
Experience with ProE or other 3D graphics programs/AutoCAD is a plus
Experience programming with Visual Basic and PLC ladder logic is preferred
Experience in preparing documentation, presenting and gaining approval of projects and cost justification proposals
Understanding of Toyota concepts, including Toyota Production System, Kaizen and Toyota Way is preferred

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